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Welcome to the new website of MPI

Transmitter Battery Plugs

Original price $2.00 - Original price $3.00
Original price
$2.00 - $3.00
Current price $3.00
Size: Hitec TX Battery (Prism; Flash; Laser; Optic6)



Yes, this plug will mate 2802 for Hitec, 2805 for JR, and 2804 for Futaba!

2802 Hitec TX Battery (Prism, Flash, Laser, Optic6)
2804 for Futaba G series
2805 for JR old(black)
2810 TX Pack mating plug
2110 Futaba "J" battery connector
2310 for Vanguard, Quasar
2410 for Hitec Focus
2420 for JR PCM 10
2803 for JR after 2001 (white)