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Welcome to the new website of MPI, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of MPI

Spare Parts for Himax HC35xx Outrunner Motors

Original price $3.50 - Original price $27.00
Original price
$3.50 - $27.00
Current price $3.50
Size: HC3510-1
HC3510-1 4mm Shaft for HC3510 motor 
HC3510-2 Radial Mount for HC35xx motors
HC3510-3 Radial Mount screws for HC35
HC3510-4 4mm Bearing set for  HC3510
HC3510-20 HC3510 rotor assembly
HC3514-1 4mm Shaft for HC3514 motor
HC3516-1 5mm Shaft for HC3516 motor
HC3516-3 5mm Bearing set for HC3516/22/28 motor
HC3516-20 HC3516 rotor assembly
HC3522-1 5mm Shaft for HC3522 & HC4220 motors
HC3522-20 HC3520 rotor assembly
HC3528-1 5mm Shaft for HC3528 motor
HC3528-20 HC3528 rotor assembly
HC4220-2 Bearing set for HC4220 motor