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Welcome to the new website of Maxx Products, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of Maxx Products

Sanyo 8H-1700AA-3F, Nimh, 9.6v/1700mah, 116x50x15(mm)

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Original price $35.00 - Original price $38.50
Original price
$35.00 - $38.50
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Style: No Connector

Contact Us for Your Special Request with Specifications and Drawing for Quote
e-mail or fax to 

1. Minimum Shipping and Handling Charge for battery is 
$7.95 when total order weight is Less than 3 lb.
2. Customized packs and special design orders are available but you must provide details drawing and specifications via e-mail or fax to 
MPI Battery Instructions

The following charts are just for your reference only!
Please refer to your equipment manual for correct selections.
To order, please use these pictures to describe your battery configurations.

Type - 1S

Type 1S

Futaba NT81B, 8UA/UH, 9Z, PCM 9, Conquest 6FM, Conquest 7FM
Airtronics SR series, XL series, Vanguard, Quasar, RD600
JR347, 388, 8103, 783, 622, 642, F400, PCM 10, Century, Galaxy, most JR Tx
Hitec Flash 4/5, Prism 7/7X, Laser 4/6, Eclipse 7, Focus 3, Optic 6
Type - 1C

Type 1C

FutabaNT8LP, 7UA/UH, 8UA/UH, Conquest AM FPT5NLP
JRMax 4/6
Type - 2G

Type 2G

Futaba NT8H, FG series, some old 8JN series use 9-cell pack
JR PCM 9 w/special brown plug
Airtronics Quantum Stylus (top two cell off set to one side)
Hitec/PolkMaster, Challenger, some use 9-cell pack
WorldExpert, some use 9-cell pack
Type - 3F

Type 3F

Futaba NT8JY (white plug), NT8F (red plug), 4VA, 6XA, Attack, Conquest 4/6 FM, 4NBL, 4NBP
Airtronics Vision (uses two 4-cell pack)
HitecFocus 4/6, Lynx 3D, Agressor

Ordering information:
    • If you do not specify the configuration and plug, we will send flat pack without plug.
    • All Rx packs and all Tx flat packs come with tabs with no wire attached.
    • We make custom battery packs. Please specify your need.
    • Fax your sketch, if you can't find a suitable picture here.