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MPI Hobby is exclusively designated for wholesale customers. Retail customers please visit to place orders. Thank you.
MPI Hobby is exclusively designated for wholesale customers. Retail customers please visit to place orders. Thank you.

RadioMaster ER8 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver

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RadioMaster ER8 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
The RadioMaster ER series of PWM receivers operates on the cutting-edge ExpressLRS system, delivering superior performance, exceptional reliability, versatile configuration options, rapid response speeds, and an incredibly extensive range, elevating your hobby experience.

Tailored specifically for glider pilots seeking a compact, slender receiver, the ER8G & ER8GV receivers support up to 8 servos. They include integrated receiver voltage telemetry and flight battery telemetry, automatically selecting the appropriate voltage input (only one input at a time). Both models feature a dual-antenna setup with telemetry power up to 100mw, compatible with a 1S Lipo receiver battery.

While the ER8GV includes a built-in Vario, ideal for various scenarios, the ER8G omits this feature. This design variation caters to competitions that restrict Vario usage or users who simply don't require it on their receiver.


  • Based on the Revolutionary ExpressLRS System
  • High performance, high reliability, flexible configuration, fast response speed and ultra-long range
  • Support 8 PWM Channels
  • Optimized ground up PCB design
  • Automatically voltage telemetry of external battery voltage or built-in receiver voltage
  • ER8GV receiver is built-in high-precision air pressure sensor (Vario)
  • Supports Wi-Fi updates and WEBUI configuration
  • Reserve 4pin CRSF input port
  • High quality 2.54 mm connector
  • Standard 20 cm High Sensitivity Antenna
  • For fixed-wing aircraft and gliders
  • Compatible with all 2.4GHz ExpressLRS modules and transmitters with built in 2.4GHz ExpressLRS

      Specification (ER8G)

      • Item: ER8G 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
      • Power supply: DC 3.5 - 8.4V
      • Antenna type: 20cm high sensitivity antenna
      • Wireless protocol: ExpressLRS 3.3.0 pre-installed
      • Output channel: 8CH PWM
      • Telemetry power: maximum 100mw (LUA can be set)
      • Battery voltage detection range: DC 4.0 - 35V
      • Weight: 12 grams
      • Dimensions: 60*13.5*13mm
      • Firmware: Device Category: Radiomaster 2.4Ghz / Device: Radiomaster ER8G

        Package Includes

        • 1 * ER8G or E8GV 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
        • 2 * Heat-shrink tube
        • 1 * Voltage telemetry wire (Type-A)
        • 1 * CRSF wire
        • 1 * ELRS- RX- SBUS wire
        • 1 * User Card