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Welcome to the new website of MPI, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of MPI

MPI Brushless Sail Winch Servo

Original price $130.00 - Original price $130.00
Original price
$130.00 - $130.00
Current price $130.00
Operating Specification
  • Voltage: 4.8v - Speed: 0.115s for 60 degrees Torque: 180 oz/in Max Load Current: 2.80A

  • Voltage: 6.0v - Speed: 0.090s for 60 degrees Torque: 236 oz/in Max Load Current: 3.60A

  • Voltage: 7.4v - Speed: 0.075s for 60 degrees Torque: 263 oz/in Max Load Current: 4.00A

  • Voltage: 8.4v - Speed: 0.070s for 60 degrees Torque: 305 oz/in Max Load Current: 4.900A
  • Product Description

    S100-MG Sail Winch Servo

    Brushless motor, all metal gears, 1440 degrees rotation. Universal plug to fit, FJ, Hitec, JR, and Air.Z

    Waterproof level IP68