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MPI Hobby is exclusively designated for wholesale customers. Retail customers please visit to place orders. Thank you.
MPI Hobby is exclusively designated for wholesale customers. Retail customers please visit to place orders. Thank you.

iCharger 406 Duo 1400W 40A 6S Dual Port Charger

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SKU JNS-406Duo

iCharger 406 DUO Manual

Introducing the iCharger 406 Duo - a dual-port charger with a color LCD screen that can charge different batteries up to 40A in asynchronous mode or up to 70A in synchronous mode. This charger is a downsized version of the iCharger 4010 Duo, but still boasts an impressive power output of 1400W and 40A. It can handle up to 6 cell LiPo packs up to 40A and shares the same user interface and functions as its larger counterpart. These functions include battery internal resistance measurement, servo tests, and pulse tests. Charge and discharge data can be stored in a micro SD card and viewed using Logview on a PC.

It is important to note that this charger must be used with a stable power supply and should not be used with an automobile or multiple server power supplies in a series. Upon arrival, the charger will have a very thin but effective protective cover on the screen. If the screen appears scratched, use either a fingernail or a precision knife to carefully peel off the protective layer from the side of the screen.

Why choose iCharger? With the best power-to-cost ratio on the market, iChargers are immensely powerful yet compact and convenient. They feature accurate cutoff voltage, rapid balancing speed, and compatibility with almost all types of batteries used in RC hobbies. Various versatile functions and extra features are also available, providing an adaptable and flexible platform for all your hobby needs. The chargers are also easier to operate than competitors' products and come with excellent technical support. It's no surprise that iChargers have become a favorite among hardcore RC hobbyists over the years.

Why buy from Buddy RC? As an authorized iCharger USA distributor and one of the first American iCharger dealers, we offer the best prices and reliable services available. Although our prices may seem similar to those of other dealers, we offer additional discounts, such as free adapter boards and ParaBoards, and free shipping to customers in the USA. We also provide excellent customer service and technical support over the phone and email. We are personally familiar with iChargers and use them ourselves, making us well-equipped to assist you with any questions or concerns. The warranty is non-transferable and handled by Buddy RC in Columbus, Ohio, USA, eliminating any hassles with overseas manufacturers or dealers.


  • Input voltage range: 10.0V-30.0VDC 140W (Channel 80W)
  • Maximum regenerative discharge power capacity: 1400W (Channel 1000W)
  • Maximum extra discharge power capacity: 2000W (Channel 1000W @25V/40A)
  • Maximum current drain for balancing: 2.4A in Syn. Mode; 1.2A in Asyn. Mode
  • USB charging port: 5V/1A (with current-limiting protection), 1.2A
  • PC Connectivity: USB port
  • Dimensions: 171 x 118 x 59 mm
  • Net Weight: 910g

Extra functions:

  • Battery internal resistance measurements
  • Servo test
  • Pulse test
  • Store and read data from micro SD (TF) cards