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MPI Hobby is exclusively designated for wholesale customers. Retail customers please visit to place orders. Thank you.

FrSky DUAL 2.4GHz TW GR6 Receiver

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FrSky DUAL 2.4GHz TW GR6 Receiver
The TWGR6 receiver from the TWIN series utilizes a new and stable TW protocol that incorporates dual active 2.4G frequency bands. This TW active-active protocol stands out from conventional active-standby redundancy solutions where one receiver takes over signal control only when the other is in Failsafe mode. With the TW protocol, both 2.4G frequency bands remain active simultaneously on the TW series receiver.

The TWGR6 receiver is designed for RC users who desire resilient and long-range radio communications, with a range of up to tens of kilometers achievable. It features an upgraded high-precision variometer that delivers accurate altitude and vertical speed data, making it an excellent choice for glider pilots.

Equipped with 2x 2.4G antennas, the TWGR6 receiver boasts one SBUS output channel and 6 PWM output channel ports. Additionally, it supports telemetry functions through FBUS / S.Port. When set to use the FBUS protocol in the ETHOS system, signal control and telemetry can be connected to any device that supports FBUS protocol through a single line for bidirectional transmission, reducing the number of wires required in the model build. The inverted S.Port on the receiver allows for easy connection to flight controllers.

Furthermore, the TWGR6 supports 4ms race mode with ultra-low latency, offering racers a fast, stable, and reliable signal in racing competitions without the risk of signal loss due to interference when combined with TW series resilient dual 2.4G solution.


Simultaneous working dual 2.4G TW mode
High-precision variometer sensor
Black-Box function
4ms race mode with telemetry
Long control range (range varies based on the RF Power settings.)
Over-The-Air (OTA) FW update
6 PWM channel ports
SBUS Out (supports 16CH / 24CH mode)
FBUS / S.Port
Inverted S.Port

Frequency: Dual 2.4GHz
Dimension: 114.69.5mm (LWH)
Weight: 5g
Operating Voltage: 3.5-10V (Please ensure the supplied voltage exceeds 2.8V during use.)
Operating Current: 60mA@5V
Variometer Measurement Range:
Altimeter Range & Resolution: -700m to 10000m & 0.1m
Vertical Speed Range: ±10m/s
Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-36V
Antenna connector: IPEX4
Compatibility: TWIN series Radio & RF module in TW mode.