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Welcome to the new website of MPI, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of MPI

Exchange Adapters (from Servo to RX)

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Size: 2553 Fut. J to Air.

The new Airtonics "Z" connector is same as Hitec/JR.  Here are the adapters to link between new and old.

We have adapters to go among all systems on the market.

For Futaba J, Futaba G, Hitec, JR, Airtronics, any way you want to mix, WE HAVE IT!

2550 Fut. G to Fut. J
2551 Fut. J to Fut. G
2553 Fut. J to Air.
2555 Fut. G to Air.
2556 Fut. J to Hitec/JR/Airt. Z
2557 Hitec/JR/Airt. Z to Fut. J
2558 Old Air. to JR/Hitec/AirtZ/FJ
2560 Fut. G to Hitec/JR/Airt. Z
2563 Fut. J to Fut. G
2565 FutJ/JR/Hitec/Air Z to micro JST (white)