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Welcome to the new website of MPI, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of MPI

Blue Box 8-16 Power Distribution System

Original price $149.95 - Original price $149.95
Original price
$149.95 - $149.95
Current price $149.95
Size: FT1009
  • 8 Inputs (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H)
  • 16 Buffered/Filtered and amplified outputs (A,A,A,A,B,B,B,B,C,C,D,D,E,F,G,H)
  • Both power and servo signal are amplified - Can drive up to 10 meters servo wire per channel
  • Servo power output equals power input ( ie input 7volts, and servos receive 7 volts)
  • 5 Volt 1.5 Amp Regulated output for receiver on all channels for improved redundancy
  • "Flight Deck" for mounting receiver at top of board. Can be removed (permanent)if desired
  • Dual Battery Inputs - Auto Load sharing and failsafe switch over
  • "Power Match" LEDs show which battery is battery is being used, or when both are equal
  • Includes rubber grommets and aluminum standoffs and screws
  • 64 Amp power bus (32 Amp per input)
  • Deans Input  Connections
  • 6 volt Minimum input is required for Lion/Lipo version (pref regulated) - 6v minimum not required for NiMh/Nicad Version
  • 10 Volt Max Input
  • Designed for 2 cell Lipo/Li-Ion/LiFe (A123) - Dedicated NICAD/NIMH (4 & 5 cell) Version now available contact us for details
  • Includes 6 leads for connection to receiver, additional leads can be purchased separately
  • Works with PPM , PCM, 2.4Ghz systems 20 volt 20 amp Mos-Fet output
FT1009 Blue Box 8-16 High Volt 8.6 volt input
FT1010 Blue Box 8-16 Low Volt 7.0 volt input