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Welcome to the new website of MPI, a distributor of quality hobby products since 1991 - APC, Castle Creation, Falcon, Hitec, HiMax, MPI, and more
Welcome to the new website of MPI

Berg4 Castle Creations' MS4 Rx

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Castle Creations' Berg 4 Receiver is in a full cavity injection molded case, not just a "plastic box" around the circuit board, the board is actually integrated fully within the mold material. This brings a whole new level of crash resistance, and durability never before seen in any receiver. Would you expect your current receiver to be okay after it's been stepped on with your full weight? This one will be. It's absolutely full range allows use in any 4 channel operation from tiny indoor electric models to full-blown glow planes. Don't let the size fool you - "big" does not necessarily equal solid performance when it comes to receivers!

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No. of channels 4
Channel outputs 1-2-3-4
Filtering Triple tuned RF circuitry
Filtering Steep flank 8 pole IF ceramic filter set
Filtering True DSP filtering in the microprocessor decoder with adaptive algorithms based on signal/noise ratio of the received signal
Sensitivity About 2.0uV
Size 0.8 x 1.4 x .5"
Weight (w/wires) .39 oz (11g)
Case Full cavity injection molded protective case